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K18 Pro Molecular Repair Hair Mist

What it is:

This leave-in, lightweight mist uses the K18PEPTIDE™ to help strengthen hair’s defenses and make it more resilient prior to potentially damaging salon services.

Why you'll love it:

Takes damage repair further – biomimetic peptide seamlessly fits in and reconnects broken polypeptide chains at the molecular level. As a result, disulfide bonds are also reconnected for reinforced strength along the length + width of hair—offering comprehensive, lasting repair

Renews hair for better in-salon results - use prior to chemical and color services to reverse existing damage and strengthen hair’s defenses before the chemical or styling service for healthier, more consistent transformations

Resets hair’s strength and elasticity – for healthier, strong, smooth, bouncy hair

Works on all hair types – because K18PEPTIDE™ works on a molecular level (where all hair is the same), this product is effective on all hair types

How to Optimize 

  • DO saturate the hair with water first
  • DO wait 4 minutes to activate
  • DO use pre-service to strengthen your canvas or throughout depending on the service and hair needs
  • DON'T mix into your bleach or color
  • DON'T increase your bleach volume or alter your typical color formula
  • DON'T rinse it out