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Kush (Botanical/Floral) MAGNUM 27oz Candle

27oz Magnum (top) vs 8.5oz  (bottom)

What it is:

Coconut and beeswax blended candle with three braided cotton wicks, in glossy black glass tumbler. Comes in embossed matte pink carton. All magnum sized candles are 27 ounces (765g). 4.75 inches (12cm) tall. Roughly 110 hour burn time.

*This product contains zero cannabis related ingredients, including CBD and THC. Any mention of cannabis strictly denotes an olfactive accord.

Scent Profile: Botanical/Floral

Why you'l love it:

  • Bright, and intoxicating, KUSH is Boy Smells' most iconic cult-classic scent.
  • 3 wicks
  • Herbaceous bouquet brightened with tulip + golden amber.
  • Wisps of delicate florals mingle with pot flowers and brushed suede.
  • Notes of sage and eucalyptus combine to create a much larger herbal bouquet.
  • Amber and musk ground this scent in its signature dankness.

Key Scents:

  • Almond
  • Tulip
  • Sage
  • Eucalyptus
  • Seude
27oz Magnum (top) vs 8.5oz  (bottom)