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Refining Clay Mask

What it is:

An exfoliating, deep pore cleansing and refining clay mask. Great for refining blemish-prone, oily-combo skin.

Why you'll love it:

This highly absorbent mask is rich in naturally occurring clays and minerals that refine and exfoliate skin, while drawing out impurities. Rosa canina fruit extract targets the appearance of oily skin. Enhances cellular turnover, unveiling a smoother texture and brightening the complexion. 

Key ingredients:

Rosa Canina Fruit Extract: An extract from wild rose berries that improves the appearance of oily skin and pore size.

Kaolin: Colourful clays that do not contain any artificial dyes or pigments. They absorb oil and dirt and have exfoliating properties.

Bentonite: A sponge-like clay that absorbs oil to decrease pore size appearance.